Motherhood~There is no more demanding work in all the world, no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed. It will challenge all the genius, talent and grace that any human being could possess… It is the highest calling any woman can enter. ~Walter J. Chantry


It's Been A Long Time!

Wow, it has been a while since I have been able to get on here and write a little. Since my last entry, a lot has happened! We welcomed 10 lb and 5 ounces of sweet baby love into our lives! Elijah Charles was born on May 14! A wonderful labor I had indeed, without drugs or interventions. Soon I will finish writing out my birth story and post it here. So I had a VBAC! YAY! I had many a doubts but with all the prayers being sent out and my amazing team of midwives and awesome doula I was able to achieve the most amazing birth. I joked a couple weeks after Elijah Charles was born that I was on  birth high..well get me talking about my birth even now and I still feel the high! LOL. Anyway, he is incredibly healthy and sweet. He is calm and he is good natured and I feel so blessed to be called his mother. Since he has such an easy going personality I am able to get all my sleep and take care of the boys pretty much as normal. I am really enjoying my bundle and I am enjoying motherhood so much. God is so good! I feel like my cup runneth over with all God's goodness' to me! We've been enjoying this's been a lazy one with one newest addition just getting settled in.
Another change that's happening (and I never thought it would) is were moving! I can't believe it even as I type those words. We really struggled and prayed over this decsion but it basically came down to a few things. Living on a busy main road made us nervous with our children. Also, our home is snug. If we were to have no more children we could of made due fine but after Elijah Charles' birth I felt the Lord pulling on my heart quietly about having a big family. I felt the number six being burned in my mind. I don't know if we"ll end up having six children, but I need to keep my heart and spirit open to the Lord planning my family~ not me! Everything with this house we are moving to has fallen into place pretty much and so it looks as though with the extra bedrooms we'll be having a big family is probably woven into our future. We will have an acre lot which I am excited will be hard to leave our current home though I must admit. It was my first "home" as a new wife and mother some 7 years ago and I will miss it. Cramped and all as it as now!! I will also miss our backyard as it backs up to my brother in law and his fiancee's home! It hurts to think about moving away from our neat little set  up and I am just relying on the Lord to heal the ouches along the way in this new transistion!
So thats about it in a nutshell right now...I have got to get back to my boys who are ravenous for some lunch right now!
I will post a pic of Eli soon!

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Sarah beth said...

YAY for the awesome, healthy VBAC!!! It was amazing to recieve your txt that day, baby now..pray lol I will never forget it! Prayer awnsered..healthy baby, 2 big checks on my book! hehe I think the move is a great idea..praying that everything keeps going smoothly. Also wow 6 children..that would be super just never know what He has planned..always something you never dreamed yourself. He is so GOOD! Always keeps me guessing for sure! Children are such a blessing..those moments when you have a baby in your home is like a slice of heaven..enjoy eli!!! He is so so handsome!!