Motherhood~There is no more demanding work in all the world, no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed. It will challenge all the genius, talent and grace that any human being could possess… It is the highest calling any woman can enter. ~Walter J. Chantry


How Being a Mother Has Drawn Me Closer to God

Before I became a mother I was a very different person then I am today.

Before I got married, I was a very different person then when I was single.

From where I stand right now, this very day, I can look back in time and see where I have been and where I am now. I can see the changes and choices.

Every year, as Christians we should see change...positive change. A drawing nearer to the Savior. A releasing of the world and the things in it. By the Grace of God, I am so thankful to see a change in my life. Where I started, years ago I was rooted in baby Christianity. It was a stand still. There wasn't much change. I was a Christian but teetering as close as I could to the world without falling off. Passing by me, you might not have known I was a Christian.

Over the years though things started changing. There was yearning for something different. A desire to hear the Word and follow it. It has been a journey and it is being made alongside my husband. How dear it is to follow the Lord's path with your spouse by your side.

Well as the years have come and gone, I have been blessed with three little boys! What gifts to be entrusted with. And with motherhood, once again, the Lord uses it to draw women closer to the Lord. I know I am not the only one.

Motherhood changes and trasforms everything. Not just the things that are obvious or written about in pregnancy magazines.

Motherhood draws me closer to God .....

  • By giving me more patience. Course, I don't have a perfect dose of patience yet. But, amen, I do have more patience then I did. Before I had children, I had very little patience. I was not one to hold my tounge or pray about something before making a decsion. Now, with little ones, esp. little ones that are in their early learning ages, I practice patience daily. Sometimes, making dinner takes a half an hour longer because little hands are measuring and mixing and mistakes are made. Often, patience is exercised all day long while correcting and diciplining. Who was it that said, practice makes perfect? That saying goes right along with patience. A mother's work is never done and there will probably never be a mother that has patience perfected, so to speak.  But us mothers sure have a great training ground.

  • By helping me trust more in HIM then myself. Mothers have big loads. (And I don't just mean laundry) We carry burderns for our children's salvation, their walk with the Lord, their character, if homeschooling- their education, their social relationships, their health...well, you get my point. And so often, it is overwhelming. How many times can I remember taking my own problem and trying to solve it on my own? Many times. And how many times, did using my own solution work? It didn't. It made more of a mess usually and wore me out. Being a mother, there isn't enough time at hand to work out my own solutions for each of my children. I must give it all to Jesus. I know Jesus has a plan for each of my children, even myself and my husband. During weary and hard days, I have to look to Jesus and give Him by burdens. During joyful days, I give Him thanks and try not to take forgranted my blessings. This is a constant circle, a circle of trust, thanks and prayer. Being a mother I find myself on my knees, which helps for those times scrubbing the floor, too!! ;-)

  • By giving me new priorities. Who would have thought five years ago, we would be homeschooling.  Things change! But believe me, for the good. As a single woman, I was very much wrapped into myself! It is funny to think about it now, even. The time spent looking in the mirror, checking makeup...reapplying coats of lipstick, ha! How long I spent on my hair or in the shower. Now, showers are much quicker, my make up routine has simplified, (and my husband likes the way I look this way better! Less is more!!) and my focus has opened up to not just me but my family. As a mother, I find myself always this more important or should I get down on the floor with the kids and play? Or is there time for the computer right now or do I need to get dinner started? Will this effect my children's worldview? The Lord gives us discernment if we are in tune with Him and often, my priorities are re-evaluted.
There are countless other ways motherhood has drawn me closer with the Lord. For each one I must give thanks...some are easy to speak of and others are not because they are the parts of motherhood that bring frustration, tears, heart aches, and pain. But our relationship with our children closely traces the relationship Jesus has with His Children. Next time you wipe your childs tears away, kiss a boo boo, rejoice over a victory won, or get that warm, swell in your heart watching them play sweetly with their sibling....Think of Christ. He watches from Above, cares for you, rejoices with you, has concern for you, is happy for you... And is always there to teach and mold you.


Ann@StringerMama said...

A HUGE AMEN! AMEN and AMEN! Thanks for posting this! Soooo very true for me too.

Lisa said...

I was going to say the same thing - Amen, Amanda! The journey of life causes us to lose ourselves and gain more of Him. It is not easy! I see how God has used marriage and children to humble me and draw me closer to Him. It is hard to be selfish and have a successful family life!! Blessings to you!

Sarah beth said...

All of your thoughts here are so true Amanda! It is def funny to think about our single days.. ;)
It amazing to think about how close I have drawn to God since having a many changes that I never dreamed possible. Alot of changes with who I am! My outlook and likes are completely different now... how wonderful! I love everything you said, such a beautiful post today! Thanks for sharing!