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Monday Humor Link Up --I Will Survive!

As a homeschool mom it can be easy to get discourged and wonder why my husband and I even chose to homeschool in the first place. It's easy to lose sight of the vision on hard days. It can be even harder with an unsupportive family or friends. BUT, the truth is there are so many homeschool families out there--more then society perhaps realizes or wants to admit. There are families out there that are done, ones that are almost done, and ones that are well on their way--it helps to connect with them and get the support you need. As one homeschool mom and friend told me, it's nice to be around other mom's that are homeschooling because they won't tell you to send your child to public school because your having a bad day! That reason alone is reason enough to get connected with other mom's in your area that homeschool. And if you for some reason you absolutely cannot; search the internet for message boards, blogs, websites, etc. They are out there! And they share the same Godly vision you do to homeschool!

Just wanted to share this super funny video titled, "I will Survive". A spoof on the old song that usually gets stuck in my head when I hear it, only this version is much better-haha. ;-) Hope you enjoy and are lifted up on this Monday and throughout the week. Happy Homeschooling, too.

I linked up with Sarah Beth @ His Loving Presence for Humor Mondays! You can too here  ;-)


Sarah beth said...

I like what your homeschooling friend said there! It is def encouraging to connect with homeschoolers, its a blessing to have a local group too. If you dont, start one!

I LOVE this video, this song is stuck in my head now haha love these moms, they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!! And for linking up!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

LOL! LOve it! :)