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Praising your Husband

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to put into my blog and write about the things going on in our lives lately. I am praying by the end of the summer or maybe sooner (!) things will be calmer in our neck of the woods and we will be more settled, thus more time to write.

I just wanted to write, quickly, if you will listen,  from my heart. I've been noticing a trend lately around me and spanning even farther from Hollywood to just about everywhere. It's becoming the norm and seems "everyone's doing it". What am I talking about? Bashing men! I specifically need to address wives bashing their husbands.

Maybe your not exactly yelling or making a scene about something your husband has done (or isn't doing) but if you catch yourself copping an attitude, mumbling under your breath, SIGHING, or even rolling your eyes you are creating an image before your children and others ( family, friends, and unbelievers) that is not Godly. Everything that we speak and do is to to shine Christ Light.

Furthermore, these little gestures are actually huge to your husbands self confidence. Everything you say to him either lifts him up as a man and provider or tears him down. Think about that. It is really true. Women aren't the only ones that need to be reassured and loved on. Your husband needs that too and he needs it from the woman in his life.

Why do many marriages end in infidelity? I can't name all the reasons for it but I know that some marriages dry up and when a younger woman who has a bouncy personality is around, smiling and telling your hubby how great he is, it feels GOOD to him. Unless, your that woman who is making him feel like a hundred bucks at home, has a smile, kiss, and praise for him after a long day at work--he will start enjoying the attention given by someone else.

Praise your husband. Yes, he has faults. But so do you and so do I. No one is perfect. Don't dwell on things you think he ought to change. Praise him privately but praise him in front of your children. Don't underestimate the impact that will have on your children and their future marriages.

Praise him also infront of family and friends. Brag on him!! He is YOUR man! He deserves it. Not just on his birthday or Father's Day! ;o) Make him feel loved and wanted and worthy. Give his self esteem a boost.

And lastly, praise him when he isn't even around. Maybe to your mom or your best friend. Don't talk about his faults to others or make him look dumb to others. Don't laugh at his mistakes. This not only is so thoughtless and unkind to do to him but also puts yourself in a bad light. Lead by example if others are already doing it!

Just my two cents for the day~ but it has been on my heart for awhile. Although I am far from being the perfect wife, the Lord each day is softening my heart and leading me where I ought to be in our marriage. Try praising your husband today, and then again tomorrow. Your husband and your marriage will thank you and you will recieve a huge blessing.

{A note for the wife who is already praising but has a husband who isn't apprective or is unthankful: Keep praising, even if you notice no difference. Give the issue entirely to the Lord and leave it at his feet. Keep busy (I'm sure you already are!) and keep in the Word of God. You will be blessed, even if it doesn't come from your husband. Keep praising, eventually within time (even long periods of time) you will get see some change, even if it is very small. God Bless!}

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Sarah beth said...

I really love everything you said here.. I hope many woman read this! Being your hubby's number one fan is really important, something I have to pray about daily too!