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Dash of Pepper

Yesterday morning as I was preparing Chad's lunch for him to take to work I was not thinking too much about how much I loved him or anything about how his day was going to unfold or end up. I was caught up in a flurry of thoughts about myself, the pregnancy, and the boys who were playing in the next room. I didn't pay much attention to the actions of making his roast beef sandwich, just put it together and tossed it in his brown bag. I started to make my way into the dining room where I spotted our pepper mill. Suddenly, I thought to myself, "Pepper!" You see, my husband loves his pepper and loves a little bit of pepper on his sandwiches. I thought back quickly to the last time I had even taken the time to put some on his sandwich. I couldn't remember. I never usually put it on my own so sometimes it doesn't occur to me that maybe he would still appreciate me putting it on his. So I grabbed the pepper, went back into the kitchen and unwrapped his sandwich. I gave his sandwich a little pepper and wrapped it back up. It was such a tiny little act but it really jolted me and I asked the Lord to show me more areas I failed to see just my husband and to please let me see less of myself.
It's easy to get caught up in the day to day housewife and stay at home mom routine and forget about my husband working hard to provide for all of us! I consider myself very blessed to have a strong and healthy marriage but sometimes it's easy to actually take a wonderful marriage foregranted! Because we do hardly argue and do get along so well I know sometimes I forget to take time to show how much I appreciate all he does for me. The little things in a marriage really do add up and a random act of kindness however big or small really warms the heart and couples will reap the rewards of it.
No matter how busy I get, Lord please help me not to neglect the "little" things my husband needs and desires from me, even if he never once menchions it. Lord, I am a lucky and blessed woman to be placed with such a good, God fearing man. All the thank you's for placing him in my life would never be enough!

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Sarah beth said...

Aw, very sweet how you just remembered the pepper, I love when that happens! It is trully the little gestures that strengthen our marriages. I did the same thing today..when jon comes home from work he likes to change into pjs and I washed his favorite ones quickly and set them out for him. It was fun for myself to do too. I am loving the Love dare..just gives you ideas you never thought to do. Great blog today!!