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A Tribute to Ma

  • My Great-Grandmother whom our family lovingly called "Ma" passed away in September 2008. Her birthday was February 12 so I thought I would post what I wrote about her for her funeral to honor her. She was such a dear woman and great grandmother. She held to the faith and was strong. I cannot wait til the day we are reunited in Heaven.

They say, when an elderly person passes away a whole library goes with them--this was certainly true for Ma.

 I don't know if you have a person in your life that this may remind you of but if they are still alive~ give them a phone call. Give them a hug. Let them know they are loved and cherished. Take your children to them, children grow and flourish under an elderly person's company.

Memories of Ma

In a lifetime of memories of Ma....there is no way I could ever express how special of a lady she was to me. I could write fifteen pages and not even come close to sharing with everyone how much I love her and how much she impacted my life over the years.

Some of the earliest memories of Ma start in the kitchen. Her baking was the best and she specialized in everything! She always baked for others and frequently delievered tins of cookies and scrumptious pies. She made one of the best rhubarb pies I have ever tasted. I still remember the tins she would bring by....layers of different cookies so delicately arranged and lovingly prepared. She knew all our favorites and never forgot to keep us supplied! I remember one holiday when my family ate at her house and she fixed up my plate with everything she had fixed and then sat it in front of me. "Eat up!" She told me. I never had a plate so loaded with food! I had no idea how I was going to get it all in, but somehow I managed! :)

Ma had a strong love in her heart for her family. Anytime one needed advice, she was there to listen. She wasn't one to beat around the bush and she often told you the way it was. And so often that was exactly what I needed to hear. She lovingly took time when I would visit with her to take an interest in my life, asking me about this or that...really, truly caring. And she did that with all of us, I know we could all name a time or two when Ma sat....and listened and asked....and we knew Ma really cared. It was a wonderful feeling.

Ma also had a great faith in her Lord and Savior. How often did I hear, I am praying for you? How many times did I hear her recite a verse from the Bible? But it wasn't just that. Her actions....her love for family and people spoke volumes of her relationship with Christ. She was generous, making sure people always had enough and always helping. She was a great woman of faith. When talking to Ma about the Bible or anything for that matter, she made stories and history come alive. She was so full of information. She was witty and smart and never stopped being that way, even to the end of her life.

I am so proud to have known Ma. Where would I be without her? She has influenced my life in so many wonderful ways. I strive to be more like her and to pass on the lessons she has taught me to my own children. I hope to always honor her memory by remembering her and not forgetting a single detail about her. I will always hear her laughter in my heart.

I cannot wait to see you again, Ma. I know  you have many heavenly riches because of how you lived down here.

I love you!

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Sarah beth said...

Aww, Amanda..this was so sweet and good to hear again. I have been sad remembering her this weekend. Often, we celebrated our birthdays together. Everything you said was right to a t! Thanks for posting girl!! I like what you said about how children flourish when around elderly loved ones, so true!