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A Tonsilitis Thanksgiving

Wow!! I cannot believe Christmas is soon approaching! I got behind somewhere between the change of seasons and in the endless heap of laundry that is always piling up! With a baby on my hip life is a tad crazy from day to day and we usually welcome the unexpected turn of events from day to day with wide arms (Well, what choice do we really have!?) Well, with so much time missed in between I will only write of our Thanksgiving holiday, I so badly had wanted to list some things I was thankful for but never obviously got around to it. Instead, I was able to actually write them out on a peice of paper and stick it inside our thankful box. (See Click here to see blog entry from His Loving Presence about thankful box)

For Thanksgiving it was becoming a bit of a tradition to meet up with family in a cozy town called Frankenmuth. They celebrate Christmas all year around so when Thanksgiving rolls around it is a magical city indeed! Lights galore, horse and carriages, and the birth of Christ celebrated and proclaimed. The food is pretty amazing to boot. So, for a bit of holiday shopping in the tiny shops that line the quaint streets and a family style dinner we've been doing that and looking quite forward to it, too. Well, a few days before our trip my poor hubby starts coming down with a dreadful cold...which turns into a horrible sore throat..which leads us to cancel our trip. He is miserable and in tons of pain which at times, was pretty scary and we contemplated a ER trip at one point.

I was pretty dismayed and dissapointed, especially since I had not planned on cooking a Thanksgiving meal. The eve of I scanned the papers and placed a call to Krogers to see if they had any more premade Thankgiving meals. They did! Seemed like a huge blessing and load lifted at the time!! Chad of course, come Thanksgiving couldn't really even think about eating and thinking of it now, probably lucky he couldn't ...the food from Kroger was pretty bad LOL.

I was feeling pretty sorry that we couldn't go to Frankenmuth and all our plans were "ruined" (At the time, everything seems pretty hopeless even though I knew we would take this trip the following weekend granted Chad felt better...Silly me!) I felt so bad for Chad who was lifelessly napping on the couch. I just felt crummy! But, as I mused more about how bad all the circumstances were around me I concluded I was actually making things much worse then they were. Of course, Chad felt horrible. Yes he did. But he was home, with his family. We were TOGETHER! He would recover. I thought of all who were in the hospital, eating a Thanksgiving meal and suffering from a disease that would rob them of their life eventually. I thought of those who were home but ALONE because they had lost their spouse. I thought of those who had NO food on the table or for that matter had no table, no home, no bed. I thought of those who have no hope. I had plans to go to a magical little Christmas town with my beautiful family for the next weekend. I have many, many things to look forward to. Some do not.

So, no matter your circumstance there is always a reason to stop the self pity and thank God for His Goodness.

I hope everyone was able to give thanks to the Lord this Thanksgiving and truly be thankful for everything He has given.

PS~ We were convinced Chad had tonsiltitis but as it would have it, he had strep throat we found out! But for the sake of having a catchy blog title, I will keep it tonsilitis hehe!!! :~)


Sarah beth said...

Glad you kept the title! Wow so it was strep throat...ahh... well it doesnt matter, throat pain is no fun! I am glad that you could stop the feeling sorry for the changes in your holiday. I know at first it had to be very dissapointing...but holiday or not, that feeling comes often! You can let it take over your whole day, any day! Its good to Praise God thru those feelings...He wants to hear how you feel. I always feel better after giving it to Him.. I can see things more clearer. I am glad you got past the feeling and thought of how wonderfully blessed you are and I imagine that helped alot and kept you focused on keeping your hubby comfortable as he could be! lovely post... nice to read your writtings again!!!

Sarah beth said...

and aww thanks for the link to his loving presence.. thats sweet!