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Learning to be a Healthy Chef

Well, it has taken many years but finally it is starting to sink in that the way we have been eating in our home is a lot more then just un is damaging our health for our future years.

I have always thought that the way I prepare foods has been extremely healthy. I have been on WW (Weight Watchers) for almost 3 years now. I know how to calorie count and get the most bang for your calorie, so to speak! I can make a wonderful casserole with out a lot of added fats, etc. BUT, I have been adding GMO's and other fat free and calorie reduced ingredients that are harmful! You see, I have been cooking and keeping the weight managed but at the same trading evil for evil.

This last summer and come now fall I have been having my eye balls opened WIDE and I have started to make some drastic changes. Of course, I cannot do them all at once but slowly I am restocking my kitchen with healthier foods and ingredients. Out with items that have aspartame in them, high fructose corn syrups...out with frozen entrees that have MSG and other high sodium products. Now, I am in the kitchen configuring ways to still cut the cals and trim up the recipe but with using healthier methods. More olive and canola oils, organic meats and eggs, whole grain, wheat, high fiber breads.

Don't get me wrong it's HARD at times! I want to sometimes run to the store and grab some reduced cal low sugar chocolate ice cream bars and eat the entire box! But, I know this eating lifestyle is not just about me but about my children and their HEALTH! I am still following the WW plan but using more of my brain now to tell this really HEALTHY?

We are still learning...I am sure there will never be a day we have perfected what we eat 100% but God tells us in His Word that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Ghost! Our bodies are not ours, but HIS! (1 Corinthians 6:19-20) I need to keep that truth in mind as I go to the grocery store and pick out foods.

I am excited to have found a farm that raises their own meats to purchase with out antibotics and on grass feeds. They have a share-type program that we hope to be getting involved with soon. All this was found by a prayer--Lord, help me please to know where to shop and what to get. This is all so confusing! The next day, this organic farmer and his family were thrown (well, not litterally thrown!) in my pathway!

I hope to encourage others to eat healthier and to reap all of God's health blessings along the way!

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Sarah beth said...

The new pictures are adorable..its sweet to see all 3 boys together!

First, what a great topic!! I think it is so great that you are now taking healthier food and creating your own healthy meals instead of diet foods. You will have to post other tricks you do and some recipes! I will be waiting lol What do you use canola oil for? never tired. we do use olive oil too and try to avoid vegetable!

And your right, the way of eating is very hard.. Its more money, more time and thought..more researching..and you cannot just run to any store! But you are also right to pray about this goal..I am always praying for my families health and I keep having my eyes opened more and more everywhere on the way the world is eating and how it should NOT be for us! Its simply not God's food! Its mans food and we all know that satan really tries to tear you down in every way..he is also tricky too! Very tricky! you can trully think you are eating healthy and WOW you are not!! Learning the way even fruits and vegtables are ripened is sicking. I thought all along we were eating healthy and it was a disguise!

It effects our children not by obeisty which ppl often think first but behavior and mentally as well!!

Its so comforting to know you are with me on this journey! I know i have the feeling I will never get this completely down pat.. there is always going to be something in my kitchen that isnt perfect. but someday we WILL get there girl!! I am praying for your journey as a healthy chef for your family. I hope many ppl read this blog also.. and trully it doesnt have to be expensive which is a big scare for alot of families.

thanks for sharing, great topic!!!!