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Busy Friday

Well today is Saturday morning and I feel like I need hmmmm about 4-5 more hours of sleep to feel fully rested!! Yesterday was very busy and tiring and I am still paying for it this morning as I sit here in my pj's and type.
The kids and I cleaned house some before I dropped Chad Jr off at Rebecca's house (his private teacher and great friend of our family).
Noah and I headed over to Target for some lunch and browsing then we went to Kolhs. I was looking for some specfic things but no luck. It was fun looking around anyway and I enjoyed the time talking with Noah. Usually, it's both children with me and we hardly have any one on one time, either way. It really took me back to when I was pregnant with Noah and Chad Jr and I would have weekly lunches out just him and I and talk about what it might be like when "new baby" was here! :) I cannot believe I am expecting my third baby and Noah is 2.5 years old already! Where does the time go? It really is like a vapor like the Bible declares.
While at the store, I started having incredibly painful nerve pains in my upper legs and knew it was time to leave, this usually indicates too much walking and time on my feet. I could hardly get out of the store fast enough! When we arrived home, I put Noah down for a nap and layed with him for a few minutes (oooh it felt so good!) I headed to our newly clean kitchen, we just got it all decluttered and looking good recently and started gettting my ham dinner ready. Meanwhile, Chad and Jerry (Rebecca's husband) are knocking at the door so I put everything down to greet Chad. I find out how his afternoon was and he comes with me into the kitchen to help me get things started. He insists I put a lot of pinapples on the ham and when I start pouring honey and brown sugar on it his eyes become wide like saucers lol. Needless to say he was a little hungry! ;) Noah then wakes up just as I put the ham in the oven and so I tell them they can both help me make some cinnamon bread. Many gooey moments later I tell the boys to go wash their hands while I finish up the crumb topping for the bread. I am left to a couple minutes alone listening to news radio when I turn down the volume to hear giggling and water splashing on the floor. Uh oh. I run to the bathroom to find the boys let the water overflow the sink and our bathroom was turning into a swimming pool. So, I was off to find some old towels and mop up the mess. I guess there is always a bright side to everything, my floor at least got a little shine. :D
Well, after the kitchen and bathroom got cleaned up we sat down to read some of their favorite books. We have a big bookcase in our living room filled with all sorts of different and interesting books but for whatever reason, the boys always pick the same books over and over again, hehe. Thinking about taking those books out for a couple weeks to what else they might be able to find!!!
Chad finally got home and jumped in the shower while the boys set the table and got the needed things out of the fridge. Chad's mom also joined us for dinner since the ham was so plentiful and we feasted, finally around 8...a late dinner for sure! Everything turned out tasty including his mom's special baked beans she brought over. Chad and I cleaned up together while Chad's mom played cars with the boys in their room. The rest of the night was pretty uneventlful but sweet.
I really love busy days like this one, although my aching pregnant body isn't too fond of them anymore. One of the biggest blessings is being busy, especially with little hands and feet around you. Of course, I was frustrated and tired more then one time but at the end of the day you feel satisfied. I love sharing with Chad all our funny mishaps and adventures. And when in bed, finally relaxing for the night I can especially apprectiate not doing anything! If all I did was lounge all day and do things for myself, (like days looooong ago!) truly relaxing and soaking in some real peace while reading and being with my hubby wouldn't be so special like it is now!!  Even looking back at the days events, I realize this Friday was not even the busiest or craziest of days I have ever had. In fact, most days are much more action packed. I think with my pregnancy coming to an end everything has a double the dose effect on me, lol...
Lord, thank You for busy days and my for my sweet kiddos who always keep me on my toes!

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Sarah beth said...

Aww, I loved reading about your day Amanda!! Full days as a mommy are such a blessing and it really trully makes kicking your feet up at the end of the day worth it! Like yes we deserve this time to relax, we earned it! You really did have a full day too esp being, what 9months along?! I love how you can have time with each noah and lil chad alone, when he is at school you get mommy and noah time then when noah is napping its mommy and chad jr time...hopefully you can continue that when baby 3 is here! i can relate with sharing the silly and crazy moments of the day with your hubby, its def fun to look back at the day with your sweetie. I cant wait to read more!! blog soon :) :)