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Monday Humor

Linking up with Sarah Beth at His Loving Presence again for Humor Monday! You can too! Link up here

Wanted to share this super cute (and short) video of a sweet little girl singing the 50 state rhyme! It is so cute to see her breathlessly get all those states in there! She does a good job, too!! I hope this puts a smile on your face this Monday! Monday's can be tiring and full so I hope this lighthearted clip gives you a little bounce to your day! ;-)

{Please mute the radio player on my blog before playing videos!!}

***Here is another clip of a song that would make for a fun lesson to learn the 50 states! My husband remembers memorizing this song when he was in school back in the day!! He still remembers it and sang it for me last night, haha!!


Sarah beth said...

That lil girl is hilarious!!! She is pretty good!!

I will be showing the kids these videos, I would love them to sing along..a great way to learn!!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Oh, how cool! :) Love it!