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Get out out the Cornmeal!

Noah practicing the letter N
In our home everything that big brother Chad does so does little brother, Noah. That goes right down to school work. Since Chad can write his name and is often writing out things and practicing letters, numbers, etc. Noah has decided it is time to write his name, too! Currently we were practing the sound of a letter and just letter recognization in general. But upon his asking and sweet sincerity of wanting to write like Chad we decided to focus on his name!

Since Noah is 3 he is not yet used to holding a pencil, even a crayon for that matter. So we switched to an easier, more fun ways to practice writing letters. Here is one idea that is a favorite: cornmeal! This is something Chad always loved to do!

Basically it is as simple as can be! Pour loose cornmeal (it doesn't cause dust) on a large metal baking tray and have at it. Simply shake pan to "erase" and start over. Kids have a blast with this, practicing letters or not. It is a magnadoodle, before there was such! ;-)

It is so much easier for younger kids to begin writing letters this way, with their finger. This really helps the brain make that connection with the letter and pave the way for that child to eventually write with pencil, crayon, etc.

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Sarah beth said...

I LOVE this idea Amanda, we are SO doing this tmrw and prob many days! I have been doing alot of things like this to get Jayce ready too. Its alot of fun and worth it too!! Thanks for sharing girl!!!!