Motherhood~There is no more demanding work in all the world, no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed. It will challenge all the genius, talent and grace that any human being could possess… It is the highest calling any woman can enter. ~Walter J. Chantry


A New Year, A New Beginning

2010 is officially over. I am not quite sure where it went exactly but a whole lot has happened. This isn't the entry to ponder over or list everything but just to simply say and exclaim I am so blessed to have a Loving and Wonderful God in my life. He really never ceases to amaze me everyday and is continuing to challenge me and reveal to me His Ways and Plans for me and my family all the time.

I am not sure what will happen in 2011. I don't know everything that will cause me to cry, lament, or question why. I don't know everything that will cause me to rejoice, to laugh, or to sing praise. But one thing is certain. God is my Guide...and He will be with me...leading and paving the way. Holding my hand, arms wrapped around me...leading me....

How can I fret and worry about all of the up coming year's unknowns. But what is most certain in my life is Jesus. And that's enough to calm every worry before it starts.

Thank you Jesus for simply and majestically being YOU.  Please bless this New Year. Help it to be a year where I draw closer to You. Help me to cling to your Word and less and less to the world. Thank You for giving me 2010, for giving me a son...for revealing Yourself in countless ways....A thousand thank you's wouldn't be enough for all You've done in our lives. I love You. Amen 

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Sarah beth said...

I know, I dont know where 2010 went! flew by so fast. I love this sweet blog and your prayer, esp the part where you ask to grow closer to Him and away from the world! Happy new years... May the Lord bless with your family with a wonderful new year!